Elan Lynx 82 Touring Skis – XHR462


Brand: Elan
Color: Yellow


Elan Lynx 82 Touring Skis – XHR462

The ELAN Lynx 82 Touring Skis Green are a high-performance ski specially designed for the demands of ski touring. These skis are built to provide excellent maneuverability and stability while ascending and descending steep slopes in the backcountry.

Featuring a lightweight and durable construction, the Lynx 82 Touring Skis offer a perfect balance between weight reduction and strength, making them ideal for long-distance touring and challenging alpine terrain. The skis are made with a combination of carbon and wood core, which ensures optimal flex characteristics and torsional rigidity.

The green color adds a touch of style to these skis, making them easily recognizable on the slopes. The camber profile of the skis provides excellent edge hold and enhanced responsiveness, allowing skiers to carve precise turns on both hardpacked and soft snow.

Equipped with an early-rise tip and a moderate tail rocker, the ELAN Lynx 82 Touring Skis excel in variable conditions and deep powder. This design feature enhances floatation, making it easier to glide through powder snow without dragging or getting stuck. The skis also feature integrated skin attachments, which are convenient for attaching climbing skins for uphill travel.

Overall, the ELAN Lynx 82 Touring Skis Green are a versatile and reliable option for ski tourers seeking a lightweight, high-performance ski that can handle demanding terrains and varied snow conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned backcountry enthusiast or a beginner looking to explore the untouched mountainside, these skis are designed to take your ski touring experience to new heights.

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