Fischer RC 4 Podium 150 Alpine Ski Boots – UWX546


Brand: Fischer
Color: Yellow


Fischer RC 4 Podium 150 Alpine Ski Boots – UWX546

Control the Race! Thoroughbred FIS-Worldcup racing boot

This shoe is a wonder weapon – developed with World Cup athletes. Thanks to the technology ´´Control the Race´´ the athlete has maximum control over the equipment. This control gives you trust and this trust makes you faster! Because you can concentrate in what is most important: skiing faster!

Race Connected Fit
The Race Connected Fit gives the racer an extremely direct connection to the skis and delivers exact feedback from the course. The brand new 92mm World Cup shell last with biomechanically optimised stand position and the ultrathin AFZ leather liner guarantee a super sleek and highly ergonomic fit.

High precision steering
Absolute precision when skiing turns and ingenious control behaviour are the result of this completely new and revolutionary overall concept of the Podium 150. Individuality like never before thanks to the 3D Canting makes the boot aggressive and unique in tuning.

Race Flex Control
The Race Flex Control technology generates enormous forward thrust and ensures maximum control. The RC4 Podium guarantees consistent boot flex in all temperatures and snow conditions so skiers can concentrate fully on the race.

Cuff Material: TPU
Sole: ISO 5355
Velcro strap: RC4 Phatt Maxx Podium
Shell Material: TPU
Last in mm: 92
Stiffness: 150
Canting: Canting RC Pro
Buckles: RC 4 CURV Athletes

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