Völkl Blaze 82 Skins – LRW571


Brand: Völkl
Color: Silver

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Völkl Blaze 82 Skins – LRW571

The VOLKL Blaze 82 Skins are a versatile and high-performance set of ski skins designed specifically for the VOLKL Blaze 82 skis. These skins are essential for backcountry skiing, providing excellent grip and glide on a variety of snow conditions.

Made from durable and lightweight materials, the VOLKL Blaze 82 Skins are engineered to withstand the demands of off-piste terrain. The skins feature a specially designed adhesive that securely attaches them to the base of the skis, ensuring they stay in place during ascent.

With an innovative shape and pattern, these skins offer optimal traction and grip on steep slopes, icy terrain, and variable snow conditions. The VOLKL Blaze 82 Skins effectively prevent slippage and allow skiers to confidently climb uphill with minimal effort.

Additionally, the skins are equipped with a glide-enhancing treatment that reduces friction and resists snow buildup, maximizing efficiency during each stride. This feature ensures a smooth and effortless gliding experience, making the ascent more enjoyable and energy-efficient.

The VOLKL Blaze 82 Skins are easily adjustable and can be trimmed to fit different ski sizes and shapes. This versatility allows skiers to use the skins with different skis or lend them to friends without any compatibility issues.

When not in use, the skins can be conveniently stored in a compact and lightweight pouch, making them easy to carry in a backpack or ski bag. The skins are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they remain in peak condition for multiple seasons.

Overall, the VOLKL Blaze 82 Skins are an essential accessory for backcountry skiers who want reliable grip, glide, and versatility on challenging slopes. These skins provide the perfect balance between traction and efficiency, allowing skiers to access and conquer the most remote and exhilarating slopes with confidence.

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