Völkl Blaze 106 – ZIU964


Brand: Völkl
Color: Grey

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Völkl Blaze 106 – ZIU964

The VOLKL Blaze 106 is a high-performance ski designed for backcountry exploration and off-piste adventures. It is built with innovative technologies to ensure excellent performance in various snow conditions.

With a 106mm waist width, the Blaze 106 offers optimal flotation in deep powder while still maintaining maneuverability on hardpack and variable terrain. The wider waist also contributes to improved stability and enhanced edge hold, allowing skiers to confidently tackle steep slopes and aggressive turns.

The ski features a lightweight, yet durable construction that consists of a multilayer wood core, reinforced with carbon and fiberglass layers. This combination delivers a responsive and lively feel, while minimizing weight for increased agility and ease of handling in all types of terrain.

The Blaze 106 also incorporates Volkl’s Hybrid Multi-Layer Woodcore technology, which strategically places a dense wood material along the ski’s edges for enhanced durability and edge grip, complemented by lighter wood in the center for weight reduction and improved maneuverability.

To enhance its backcountry capabilities, the ski comes with a specially designed tip and tail rocker profile. This feature enables easy turn initiation, precise control, and effortless floatation in deep snow, making it ideal for adventurous skiers looking to explore untouched terrain.

Additionally, the Blaze 106 is compatible with skins, which are adhesive strips that attach to the ski base to provide traction while ascending steep slopes. These skins are made from high-quality materials that ensure optimal grip and efficient gliding performance during uphill sections, enhancing the overall backcountry experience.

Overall, the VOLKL Blaze 106 is a versatile and high-performing ski that excels in backcountry environments. With its innovative construction, precise control, and excellent flotation, it provides skiers with the confidence and capability to conquer any mountain terrain.

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