Swix Blueline Barracuda Poles – TVU955


Brand: Swix
Color: Silver


Swix Blueline Barracuda Poles – TVU955

The SWIX Blueline Barracuda Poles are specifically designed for alpine skiing enthusiasts who demand excellent performance and durability. These poles are crafted using top-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and reliability on the slopes.

The Blueline Barracuda poles feature a lightweight and sturdy aluminum shaft, providing a perfect balance between strength and weight. This construction allows for effortless maneuverability and swift pole plants while skiing downhill. Additionally, the aluminum material enhances the durability of the poles, making them highly resistant to bends and cracks.

To maximize comfort during prolonged use, these poles are equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic DD5 grip. The grip is designed to fit naturally in the hand, providing a secure hold and allowing for precise control while skiing. Its soft padding minimizes fatigue and ensures a comfortable grip, even in wet or cold conditions.

The adjustable cam lock system incorporated in these poles allows users to quickly and easily adjust the length according to individual preferences and skiing styles. This feature makes the Blueline Barracuda poles versatile and suitable for skiers of varying heights and skiing abilities.

The Blueline Barracuda poles also come with high-quality carbide tips, which provide excellent grip and stability on icy surfaces. This ensures that skiers can confidently navigate challenging terrains without worrying about losing balance or slipping.

Overall, the SWIX Blueline Barracuda Poles are a reliable and high-performing choice for alpine skiing enthusiasts. Designed with durability, comfort, and precision in mind, these poles offer optimal performance and control on the slopes, ensuring an enjoyable skiing experience every time.

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