Sidas Cushioning Gel 3D – CRF635


Brand: Sidas
Color: Blue


Sidas Cushioning Gel 3D – CRF635

The 3D cushioning gel insoles are pre-contoured insoles composed of a stabilising shell (that guarantees protection) and of two gel pads.

The liquid gel pad at the front end of the insole protects the forefoot, while the gel pad at the rear end provides cushioning.

– Top layer (Comfort & antibacterial).

– Micro-perforations (Breathable).

– Gel (Cushioning).

– 3D Shell (Foot support).

– Dynamic Gel (Active cushioning).

– Multi-activities and everyday life.

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EU 35-36, EU 37-38, EU 39-41, EU 42-43, EU 44-45, EU 46-48

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