Scott Ws Celeste Woman Touring Ski Boots – XBB737


Brand: Scott
Color: Pink


Scott Ws Celeste Woman Touring Ski Boots – XBB737

The SCOTT Celeste is dedicated to the female ski tourer and mountaineer, offering both a high level of comfort and a progressive and forgiving flex. This new generation is lighter and ensures better walkability due to the new Cabrio Hybrid construction. Made from Pebax® Rnew®, the Celeste features a flex index of 100 AT. Progressivity and comfort are the key benefits of this version. Also the handeling has been improved for easy buckle adjustment and step in the boots.


– Automatic lock when skiing down
– Two-part tongue for mobility
– Adjustable forward lean
– Maximum walking grip
– Warm and memo fit liner
– Steady buckle placement
– Dual Flex Action Tongue
– Rear Hook Ski/Walk Mechanism
– Adjustable forward lean
– Full-length Vibram® bi-density rubber
– Lock Catches
– Thermo and Memo fit liner foam


– Pebax Rnew®
– Cabrio Hybrid Construction
– Dual Flex Action Tongue
– Flex Index: 100
– Last Width: 103.5mm
– Forward Lean: Adjustable 12° Or 14°
– Cuff Rotation: 60°
– Liner: Pwr Lite Evo
– Closure: 3 Ergal® Micro Adjustable Buckles + Cable Closure + Dynamic Power Strap

– ISO 9523 Touring (UNI)
– Dynafit® certified tech inserts
– Approx. Weight: 1250g


Full-length vibram bi-density rubber:
– Full-length Vibram bi-density rubber under the instep area provides maximum grip when scrambling over any terrain that isn´t snow. The bi-density composition has firmer black rubber around the sole´s perimeter to provide durability and superior edging power in step-in bindings. Softer red rubber in the sole´s midsection gives maximum grip for scrambling.

Dual action tongue:
– The newly developed Dual Action Tongue allows an easy step in and out of the boot. Due to the flexibility of the tongue it follows the movement when in walk mode and is fully linked to the cuff when skiing, which results in a more progressive flex.

Thermo liner:
– The thermo liner is pre-fit for an instant sensation of precision and comfort. It’s also possible to thermo form the liner to your feet for even more precision and comfort. Made from lightweight and warm material, the liner increases mobility and breathability.

Adjustable forward lean:
– The new Adjustable Forward Lean technology is a step forward in versatility and flexibility on the mountain. Switching the heel walking clip on the back of the ski boot results in an increased forward lean of up to 15°.

Lock catches:
– SCOTT´s Locking Buckle Catches keep the buckle bails in place when the buckles are opened for hiking.

Powerlite 2.0:
– Powerlite 2.0 shells were developed around the foot for a ´custom boot-fitter´ fit right out of the box. Their molds are shaped to provide more room for the first metatarsal, the ´sixth toe´, the navicular bone, and asymmetric malleoli that match the body’s natural asymmetry, and to provide a deep, supportive heel cup with space for common heel spurs. Toe width and height have been increased for an even more comfortable fit.

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