Scott Superguide 88 Touring Skis – KGT265


Brand: Scott
Color: Red


Scott Superguide 88 Touring Skis – KGT265

The updated Superguide 88 has it all: a ski that’s as light as possible on the way up and that comes into its own on the way down. The unique construction combines an ultralight Paulownia core with hardwood Beech stringers for a stable yet lively ride. Add in Carbon/Aramid fibers and a precise 3Dimension Touring Sidecut, and the result is a lightweight package that’s surprisingly quick and reliable on the way up and won’t let you down on that hard-earned descent.

Key Features:

– Stable, strong, well-dampened ride
– Versatile and adaptable
– Torsionally rigid
– Great strength-to-weight ratio
– Easy and fast skin fixation
– Full Dual light wood core
– 3Dimension Touring Sidecut
– Factory Finish
– SCOTT Hook Skin Fixation System


– Length Cm: 162
– Approx. Weight (G/Ski): 1200
– Tip Mm: 121
– Waist Mm: 84
– Tail Mm: 106
– Radius M: 16
– Surface M2: 0.32

– Sandwich Sidewall Semi-Elliptic Construction – Carbon /Aramid Fibers

Rocker Type:
– Pro-Tip Rocker 320


Pro-Tip Rocker 320:

Combining a progressive shape with increased tip height and radius creates Pro-Tip Rocker. SCOTT´s Pro-Tip provides a more versatile and forgiving ski no matter the conditions.

– Improves ski agility and progressivness
– Increases stability in powder and deep snow
– Provides forgiveness, allowing skier to adjust turn shape

Full Ski Length Wood Core:
– The Full-Length Wood Core produces a more consistent ski flex and creates a homogeneous transition between middle part and rockered tip and tail.

Factory Finish:
– SCOTT skis come direct from the factory ready to ski with SCOTT’s Factory Finish. Factory Finish offers an effective edge angle of 88°, resulting from a 3° side and 1° base angle for an exceptional performance. The base is finished with a micro structured CNC stone grind so you can mount your skis and hit the hill, no tuning required.

Skin Fixation System:
– The SCOTT Skin Fixation System provides an easy and fast skin attachment in all weather conditions.

3dimension Sidecut:
– The new 3Dimension Touring Sidecut is a revolutionary design for a better touring tuning that combines a tip and tail radius with either a central flat line or a small amount of sidecut under foot. The tip and tail radii allow for easy turn initiation while the flat line or a larger radius provides stability, power and precise edge hold. In addition to the new 3Dimenstion Touring sidecut our established 3Dimension Sidecut increases the skiability and performance in our freeride skis.

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