Scott Scrapper Poles Junior – QWY481


Brand: Scott
Color: Orange


Scott Scrapper Poles Junior – QWY481


– Strong and resistent aluminum
– 16mm Shaft Diameter
– Increased grip for juniors
– Unbeatable hold


Construction (grips4 aluminum alloy shaft:
– 16mm Shaft Diameter
– Junior Notch Grip
– FX24 Male Strap
– 3.6 Basket
– Ice Tip


– S4 alluminium: SCOTT aluminum ski poles undergo an electro-static pain process, delivering a clean, contemporary, highly durable finish. Constructed with the strongest commercially available, aircraft-grade-aluminum-zinc alloy that has been heat treated and aged in order to confer its excellent properties. S4 aluminum poles are twice as strong as the industry standard and possess a very high strength to weight ratio.
– Notch strike grip: The Notch Strike grip has been ergonomically engineered using soft thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene. The lightweight, streamlined profile facilitates necessary wrist articulation.
– The 3.6 Disc Basket blends aerodynamic efficiency, durability, and design. the 3.6 disc basket is 60 mm in dia…

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105 cm, 110 cm, 90 cm

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