Scott Proguide Srs Pole – UXV324


Brand: Scott
Color: Silver


Scott Proguide Srs Pole – UXV324

The Scott Proguide Srs Is A Robust, Length-Adjustable Alu Shaft, Equipped With Safety Straps And A Long, Comfortable Foam Grip For Side-Hilling. The Best For Tough Touring Trips.


– High Strength To Weight Ratio
– Strap Release System
– Ergonomically Designed Grip
– Adjustable Length

– 16-14mm Shaft Diameter
– 2-Part Aluminum Alloy Shaft
– 7075 Alloy Shaft
– Carbide Touring Tip
– Collapsed Length 81cm
– Eg Foam Grip
– Foam Sleeve L
– Freeride Basket (90mm)
– Metal Locking Mechanism
– Pa Support Winter
– Size Range 105-140cm
– Srs Mountain Strap


– Size: 105-140
– Approx. Weight: 280


S4 Alluminium:
– Scott Aluminum Ski Poles Undergo An Electrostatic Paint Process, Delivering A Clean,Contemporary, Highly Durable Finish. They Are Constructed With The Strongest Aircraft-Gradealuminum-Zinc Alloy Commercially Available, Which Has Been Heat Treated And Aged In Orderto Confer Its Excellent Properties. S4 Aluminum Poles Are Twice As Strong As The Industrystandard And Possess A Very High Strength-To-Weight Ratio.

2-Part Aluminum Alloy Shaft:
– The 2-Part Aluminum Alloy Shaft Are Computer Engineered And Manufactured With High-Grade Aluminum That Is Rated To 65,000 Psi.

S.R.S. System:
– The Scott S.R.S (Strap Release System) Is The Next Generation Of Safety Technology In Ski Poles. The S.R.S System Allows The Strap To Release From The Grip Of The Pole In The Sketchy Situations To Prevent Injury.
– Releases Quickly While Pulling Sharply Upwards
– Integrated System For Best Wearing Comfort
– Safety Anywhere And Anytime

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105-140 cm

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