Roxa R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots – EVV991


Brand: Roxa
Color: Blue


Roxa R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots – EVV991

The ROXA R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots in Ocean Blue / Ocean Blue / Aqua are a high-performance skiing footwear designed specifically for ski touring and adventure seekers. These ski boots offer an ideal combination of comfort, performance, and style, making them a popular choice among skiing enthusiasts.

The exterior of the ROXA R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots features a stunning combination of ocean blue and aqua colors, giving them a visually appealing look that stands out on the slopes. The bold design adds a touch of personality and allows skiers to showcase their individual sense of style.

Constructed with advanced technologies and materials, these ski boots provide excellent versatility and functionality for ski touring. The R/FIT 95 model offers a flex rating of 95, which ensures optimal power transfer and control while skiing. This means that skiers can confidently tackle various terrains and experience enhanced performance on demanding trails.

In terms of fit and comfort, ROXA has incorporated their innovative R/FIT technology into these ski boots, ensuring a customized fit that contours to the shape of the foot. The thermo-moldable liner adapts to the skier’s foot, offering exceptional comfort and support during long hours of skiing. Moreover, the lightweight design reduces fatigue, allowing skiers to enjoy their skiing adventures without discomfort.

Additionally, the ROXA R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots come equipped with a ski/walk mode, enabling skiers to effortlessly switch between touring and downhill modes. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy exploring off-piste trails and want the freedom to climb uphill without any hindrances.

Overall, the ROXA R/FIT 95 Touring Ski Boots in Ocean Blue / Ocean Blue / Aqua are a top-tier choice for ski touring enthusiasts who value performance, comfort, and style. These boots offer a dynamic and personalized fit, ensuring an enjoyable skiing experience while exploring the great outdoors.

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