Pomoca Free 2 0 Roll 140 mm – KJX549


Brand: Pomoca
Color: Orange


Pomoca Free 2 0 Roll 140 mm – KJX549

POMOCA launches its first freeride-specific skin: The FREE PRO.

The FREE PRO is a skin that has been designed from start to finish for freeriding, where user expectations are very different: Very large skis, diverse tips, Twin Tips, pronounced rockers, small backpacks, freedom of movement, good grip as well as good glide. With a very carefully conceived design, for the first time, this skin offers a solution that is 100% adapted to the needs of powder hounds.

The FREE PRO takes advantage of the RACE PRO 2.0?s developments to achieve a well gliding skin that also enjoys excellent grip, as well as greatly reduced weight and volume: a skin that can fit into even the smallest backpack!

The FREE PRO also features a new attachment system: the Fat Lock. The Fat Lock is specially adapted for large tips (with a 90mm-contact span against the skin compared to the Click Lock?s 70mm) and a double V-hook, which is suitable for all of the tips on the market. Moreover, the Fat Lock is also compatible with classic buckles, Z-hooks and stretchers.

The Back Fix strap is elasticated and has a 90mm-long seam, which enables excellent tail hold of the skin. For Twin Tips, a special hook (Twin Tips tail hook) is adaptable to the strap. The FREE skin also evolves into the FREE 2.0. A new, 100% orange design and a very light weight make this skin an excellent choice for off-piste adventures.

FREE 2.0: 100% Nylon

Ski & Splitboard Freeriders

Light, accurate design, long lasting. Always with POMOCA quality standards, FREE 2.0 is the first gateway to explore the back country world.

GLIDE: 294 kcal/h**
GRIP: 54 g/cm2*
WEIGTH: 1.150 g/m2

*/**: Estimate values based on TSA-Innsbruck studies. ** : Energy consumption due to skin friction per hour on standard ski touring itinerary.

POMOCA has succeeded in making its classical SAFER SKIN membrane lighter. Thanks to finer layers in the membrane, SAFER SKIN LIGHT is 12% lighter (150g/m2 less). While remaining 100% waterproof, and with slightly less wear resistance, SAFER SKIN LIGHT makes the pair of skins about 60-75g lighter.

In the interest of continual improvement, POMOCA?s chemists have developed a new generation of EVER DRY that is gentler on the environment. The EVER DRY 2.0 treatment contains no PFOA, a chemical component that is harmful to the environment. Since April 2015, EVER DRY 2.0 technology has replaced the old EVER DRY in the entire collection of skins from POMOCA and its OEM clients.

Good climbing grip is very important. So POMOCA has developed a combination of materials and weaving techniques to combine glide and durability with gripping power. Proper alignment and the fiber attachment systems make POMOCA skins very stable under all conditions and for the entire life of the skin.

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