K2 Anthem 115 Mv Alpine Ski Boots – XIV587


Brand: K2
Color: Beige


K2 Anthem 115 Mv Alpine Ski Boots – XIV587

The K2 Anthem 115 Mv Alpine Ski Boots offer exceptional performance and comfort for skiers who love the thrill of alpine skiing. These boots are specifically designed for women, with a sleek and stylish black, light gray, and tan color combination.

The Anthem 115 Mv boots feature a medium volume (Mv) fit, providing a balance between comfort and control. The 115 flex rating ensures a responsive and powerful performance, allowing skiers to maintain precise control over their skis even at high speeds. These boots are perfect for advanced to expert skiers looking for a high-performance boot that can handle aggressive skiing.

The shell of the Anthem 115 Mv boots is made of a durable and lightweight material, ensuring long-lasting performance without sacrificing comfort. The Powerlite shell technology provides a more natural range of motion and efficient power transfer, reducing fatigue and allowing for more enjoyable and smoother skiing.

Inside the boot, the Precision Fit liner offers a secure and comfortable fit, eliminating any pressure points or discomfort. The liner also provides excellent warmth and insulation for skiers who enjoy skiing in colder conditions.

The K2 Anthem 115 Mv Alpine Ski Boots are equipped with a 4 buckle closure system, allowing users to easily adjust the fit and feel of the boots to their preference. The 40mm Velcro power strap further enhances the boot’s performance by providing additional support and stability.

Overall, the K2 Anthem 115 Mv Alpine Ski Boots are a top choice for female skiers who demand the best in terms of performance, comfort, and style. Whether you’re carving up groomed slopes or tackling challenging off-piste terrain, these boots will provide the support and control you need to excel in alpine skiing.

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