Hagan Pure 85 Touring Skis – FRE525


Brand: Hagan
Color: Blue


Hagan Pure 85 Touring Skis – FRE525

The HAGAN Pure 85 Touring Skis in Dark Blue/Red are a top-of-the-line ski option designed specifically for ski touring. These skis are crafted with precision and durability in mind, making them perfect for long-distance treks and backcountry adventures.

The Pure 85 Touring Skis feature a sleek dark blue and red design, adding a touch of style to their performance-oriented construction. These skis are built with a lightweight yet strong construction, utilizing advanced materials to ensure optimal performance on challenging terrain.

With a width of 85mm underfoot, the Pure 85 Touring Skis provide excellent versatility. They excel in a variety of snow conditions, providing stability and control whether cruising through fresh powder or navigating steep slopes. The balanced shape and flex pattern of these skis allow for smooth turns and effortless maneuvering, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient touring experience.

One of the key features of these skis is their innovative rocker/camber profile. The early rise rocker in the tip enhances floatation and maneuverability, allowing the skis to glide effortlessly over various snow surfaces. The traditional camber underfoot offers stability and edge hold, enabling precise control and energy transfer during turns.

Equipped with a high-quality binding interface, the Pure 85 Touring Skis ensure a secure connection between skier and ski. This connection maximizes power transmission, enabling efficient energy transfer and enhancing overall performance.

Whether conquering steep ascents or descending through challenging terrain, the HAGAN Pure 85 Touring Skis in Dark Blue/Red provide the ultimate blend of versatility, stability, and durability. These skis are an ideal choice for ski tourers seeking a high-performance option that can handle various snow conditions and excel in both uphill and downhill scenarios.

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