Hagan Pure 75 Touring Skis – SPJ386


Brand: Hagan
Color: Golden


Hagan Pure 75 Touring Skis – SPJ386

The HAGAN Pure 75 Touring Skis in Dark Blue/Yellow are high-performance skis designed specifically for ski touring adventures. These skis are perfect for experienced skiers who crave backcountry exploration and off-piste descents.

The Pure 75 Touring Skis are constructed with durable materials and cutting-edge technology to provide maximum durability and performance. The core is made of a lightweight, yet robust wood composite that ensures stability and responsiveness on the slopes. The skis also feature a carbon-reinforced construction which adds extra strength and power transfer, allowing skiers to carve through various snow conditions with ease.

The Dark Blue/Yellow color scheme gives the skis a stylish and vibrant look, making them stand out on the slopes. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, as the bold colors increase visibility in challenging weather conditions or when navigating through deep snow.

These skis are specifically designed for ski touring, a discipline that involves climbing uphill and skiing downhill. They excel in uphill performance due to their lightweight construction, enabling skiers to conserve energy and effortlessly ascend steep terrains. The rockered tip and tail enhance maneuverability and facilitate easy turning, while the underfoot camber provides reliable edge grip and stability on descents.

With the HAGAN Pure 75 Touring Skis, skiers can confidently venture off the beaten path and explore untracked powder, remote slopes, and untouched backcountry terrains. These skis are the perfect choice for passionate ski tourers seeking high-quality equipment that delivers exceptional performance and durability.

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