Gabel X-Cursion Vario FLC Poles – HUV405


Brand: Gabel
Color: Orange


Gabel X-Cursion Vario FLC Poles – HUV405

The GABEL X-Cursion Vario FLC Poles in Black / White are a versatile and high-performance set of poles designed specifically for alpine skiing enthusiasts. These poles are crafted with a durable and lightweight aluminum shaft, making them perfect for long and intense skiing sessions.

The X-Cursion Vario FLC poles are adjustable in length, allowing skiers to customize them according to their preference and terrain. This feature is especially useful for different skiing styles, as it allows users to adapt the poles to their needs, whether they are tackling groomed slopes or venturing off-piste.

With ergonomic handles, these poles offer a comfortable grip that reduces hand and wrist fatigue, promoting better control and stability. The crisp black and white design adds a touch of sophistication to your skiing gear while ensuring visibility on the slopes.

Equipped with sturdy and reliable baskets, these poles provide optimal stability in various snow conditions. The baskets prevent the poles from sinking too deeply into soft snow and allow for effortless maneuvering on hard-packed or icy surfaces.

Whether you are a seasoned skier seeking high-performance gear or a beginner looking for reliable poles to enhance your skiing experience, the GABEL X-Cursion Vario FLC Poles in Black / White are a fantastic choice. These poles combine durability, versatility, and style to ensure an enjoyable and safe skiing adventure.

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100-140 cm

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