Gabel DH Platinum Series Pole – ZIJ421


Brand: Gabel
Color: Yellow


Gabel DH Platinum Series Pole – ZIJ421

The GABEL DH Platinum Series Pole Yellow is a high-quality and durable pole specifically designed for alpine skiing. It features a bright yellow color, making it easily visible on the slopes.

Constructed with premium materials, this pole ensures both strength and flexibility for optimal performance. The DH Platinum Series Pole is lightweight, allowing skiers to maintain balance and control during downhill skiing.

The ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, preventing the pole from slipping out of the skier’s hand. Additionally, the adjustable strap further enhances stability and prevents accidental dropping of the pole.

The GABEL DH Platinum Series Pole Yellow is designed with a carbide tip that provides excellent traction and stability on all types of terrain, including icy or uneven surfaces. This ensures that skiers can confidently maneuver through challenging downhill slopes.

Moreover, the pole is equipped with a basket at the bottom, preventing it from sinking deep into the snow. This feature enhances performance and allows for smooth turns and transitions.

Whether you are a professional skier or an intermediate enthusiast, the GABEL DH Platinum Series Pole Yellow is a reliable and high-performing accessory that will enhance your alpine skiing experience.

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