Fischer Travers GR Touring Ski Boots – ROO320


Brand: Fischer
Color: Grey


Fischer Travers GR Touring Ski Boots – ROO320

The FISCHER Travers GR Touring Ski Boots in Ice Grey and Rhino Grey are a premium choice for avid ski tourers seeking maximum performance and comfort. These ski boots are specifically designed for ski touring, providing the perfect mix of lightweight design and superior functionality.

Built with a carbon-infused Grilamid shell, these boots offer exceptional rigidity and responsiveness while maintaining a remarkably low weight. This ensures that skiers can effortlessly climb uphill without sacrificing performance during downhill descents. The Grilamid shell is also highly durable, providing long-lasting use and protection against the wear and tear of outdoor adventures.

The Travers GR Touring Ski Boots feature Fischer’s innovative Rapid Lock System, which enables a seamless transition between ski and walk modes. This allows for effortless mobility and enhanced comfort during uphill climbs, while still maintaining power and control when skiing down challenging terrain. The adjustable forward lean and cuff rotation further optimize customization, ensuring a personalized fit for every skier.

With a specially designed ski/walk mechanism and an ergonomic liner, these boots offer exceptional control and comfort throughout the entire skiing experience. The integrated Soma-Tec design promotes a more natural stance, reducing strain on the legs and joints and increasing overall efficiency.

The Ice Grey and Rhino Grey colorway adds a sleek and stylish touch to these performance-driven ski boots. Whether you’re tackling long days on remote backcountry trails or exploring challenging peaks, the FISCHER Travers GR Touring Ski Boots provide the perfect blend of comfort, power, and versatility for ski touring enthusiasts.

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