Fischer Transalp 86 CTI Touring Skis – MVP088


Brand: Fischer
Color: Grey


Fischer Transalp 86 CTI Touring Skis – MVP088

The FISCHER Transalp 86 CTI Touring Skis Grey are a high-performance skiing equipment designed specifically for ski touring. These skis feature a sleek grey design that stands out on the snow-covered mountains.

With a width of 86mm underfoot, the Transalp 86 CTI skis offer excellent stability and control, making them ideal for various snow conditions. The Carbon Tech technology incorporated into their construction provides a lightweight feel without compromising on durability.

The Tour Rocker profile of these skis ensures easy maneuverability and efficient climbing on uphill slopes. The early rise in the tip allows for effortless turn initiation, while the camber underfoot provides superior edge grip and stability on descents.

The core of the Transalp 86 CTI skis consists of Air Tec Ti, a combination of wood and Titanal layers that results in excellent vibration absorption and torsional rigidity. This construction provides a smooth and stable ride as you navigate through varying terrain during ski touring adventures.

Equipped with a skin-friendly base, these skis eliminate the need for additional climbing skins in most conditions. The carefully engineered base allows for efficient gliding and comfortable ascents, ensuring a hassle-free touring experience.

Whether you are an experienced backcountry skier or a beginner looking to explore off-piste terrain, the FISCHER Transalp 86 CTI Touring Skis Grey are a versatile and reliable choice. They offer excellent performance, stability, and durability, allowing you to enjoy every moment on the slopes during your ski touring outings.

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