Elan Speedrod Poles – UNM935


Brand: Elan
Color: Black

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Elan Speedrod Poles – UNM935

The ELAN Speedrod Poles Black are a high-quality set of poles designed specifically for alpine skiing. These poles are constructed with lightweight, yet durable materials to provide optimal performance and control on the mountain.

The poles feature a sleek and stylish black design, making them visually appealing while on the slopes. They are available in different lengths to accommodate skiers of all heights and preferences.

One of the notable features of the ELAN Speedrod Poles Black is the speedrod technology. This innovative technology incorporates a carbon rod inside the aluminum shaft, which enhances the poles’ stiffness and responsiveness. This ensures that skiers can generate maximum power and precision while making turns or navigating challenging terrain.

The grip of these poles is ergonomic and comfortable, allowing skiers to maintain a secure hold throughout their skiing session. The grip is also equipped with a strap, ensuring that the poles stay attached to the skier’s hand at all times.

The tips of the ELAN Speedrod Poles Black are made of durable and sharp carbide, providing excellent grip and stability on icy or hard-packed snow. Additionally, these poles come with removable baskets that can be easily interchanged depending on the snow conditions.

Overall, the ELAN Speedrod Poles Black are a top-choice for alpine skiers seeking reliable and high-performance poles. With their advanced technology and sleek design, these poles are sure to enhance the skiing experience and help skiers achieve their maximum potential on the mountain.

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