Elan Insomnia 10 Black LS ELW 9.0 Touring Skis – HAN990


Brand: Elan
Color: Black


Elan Insomnia 10 Black LS ELW 9.0 Touring Skis – HAN990

The Insomnia 10 proves performance doesn’t always come from added weight and bulk. It comes from a design aimed at effortless, controlled, confident skiing which means less fatigue, more skiing and ultimately more fun.

An impressive engineering feat, the Insomnia 10 is one of the lightest women’s ski in the world. Developed with Elan´s awarded Amphibio technology, it feels natural when charging short and long turns with precision and comfort. It´s light, but uncharacteristically strong thanks to finely selected light weight Laminated Woodcore. The unbelievably light weight ski comes from the finely tuned Amphibio Truline W Technology, optimizing the transfer of energy from the skier to the ski for a balanced performance with a powerful rebound, easy turning and enhanced edge grip. As a byproduct of the efficient ski design, energy is conserved throughout the day to ski all day long. With Insomnia 10 you are skiing smarter, lighter and stronger.


– Quick Edge to Edge
– Playful Rebound
– Intuitive Turn Entry & Exit
– Easy yet confident
– Lightest weight
– Aspiring skier


– Binding: ELW 9.0 GW Shift BLK/COR
– Length Radius: 158 (13.9)
– System: Light Shift
– Profile: Amphibio
– Din: 2.5 – 9
– Technology: aminated Woodcore mphibio TruLine Technology ST Sidewall
– Size: 150 CM
– Radius: 11.5
– Tip Width: 127
– Waist Width: 76
– Tail Width: 104


Amphibio profile:
– Amphibio technology is a revolutionary ski design that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. Amphibio skis feature a cambered inside edge assuring precision, edge grip and stability – while a rockered outside edge provides forgiveness, turning ease and smooth transitions.

Rst Construction:
– The RST Construction optimizes the transfer of power and energy from the skier to the edge, providing maximum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.

Power Shift System :
– The PowerShift is a fully integrated binding system with the free flex plate-in- plate design. Unique PowerEdge Lifters provide direct energy transmission ensuring quick turn initiation and power throughout the turn. Vibration absorbers fore and aft on the plate dampen chatter to maximize edge hold and responsiveness.

Laminated woodcore:
– This tip-to-tail Laminated Woodcore is specially shaped for each model and size. Using different wood types in various combinations allows for the adjustment of the flex pattern for different types of performance. This extremely responsive and highly durable wood core transmits power directly to the edges and excels in a variety of conditions.

Mono Ti Reinforcement:
– The Mono Ti construction uses a single layer of titanium combined with the woodcore for increased performance and responsiveness.

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