Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro Poles – TDV101


Brand: Black diamond
Color: Black


Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro Poles – TDV101

An ideal mountaineering or ski pole for all the weight conscious alpinists Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro is lightweight(310 grams), durable, compact and comfortable. This versatile ski pole offer technical functionality and maximum support in the unpredictable snow or mountain environment.

Made with durable all-aluminium construction that offers maximum durability, also thanks to the Dual FlickLock Pro adjustability that offers secure grip and quick length whenever you are in need of some adjustments. While the innovative SwitchRelease ™ breakaway technology in the wrist strap over safety during a mishap while your on the go.

The addition of lightweight rubber grip extension provides secure grip and quick choke ups on steep terrains. Also, the redesigned grip provides great adjustability and excellent ergonomic grip while you are skiing in the cold, rigid snow or irregular mountains.

The lightest, durable ski pole in the market Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro is a must have gear for all day skiing in winters. So buy it without thinking!

The Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro is a two-section touring pole designed for backcountry skiing but capable in all four seasons for mountain adventures. The Expedition 2 Pro features our redesigned FlickLock Pro, which is now lighter, stronger and easier to use, with a more durable, forged aluminum construction, allowing for fast and secure adjustments. Innovative SwitchRelease technology in the wrist strap with a lockable release adds a measure of safety in the event a pole gets caught in bushes or trees. The pole’s all-aluminum construction adds year-round durability, and the foam grip adds comfort while a dual density griptop with a sticky rubber makes quick buckle and binding manipulation easy


– Four-season extended foam grip with aggressive hooking point for manipulating bars and buckles
– SwitchRelease™ strap breakaway technology
– FlickLock® Pro adjustability—now featuring aluminum construction that’s lighter and easier to use Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility


– 261 grams per pole (145cm length)
– 16 mm (.6 in) aluminum upper with 14 mm (.5 in) lower
– 100 mm (4 in) Powder Baskets

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145 cm, 155 cm

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