Armada Declivity 88 C Alpine Skis – KFS197


Brand: Armada
Color: Brown


Armada Declivity 88 C Alpine Skis – KFS197

The ARMADA Declivity 88 C Alpine Skis Multicolor are a high-performance ski designed specifically for alpine skiing. These skis are built to provide excellent stability and control, allowing skiers to confidently tackle any type of terrain or condition.

The Declivity 88 C features a multicolor design that stands out on the slopes, making a bold statement. The ski’s construction includes a lightweight wood core that adds durability and responsiveness. The ski’s camber underfoot provides a traditional feel, while the rocker in the tip and tail offer enhanced maneuverability and float in soft snow.

With a waist width of 88mm, these skis work well in both groomed runs and off-piste adventures. The narrower profile allows for precise turns on-piste, while still providing enough surface area for good flotation in powder. The skis’ versatile nature makes them suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers looking to explore various types of terrain with confidence.

The ARMADA Declivity 88 C also incorporates Adaptive Mesh, an innovative material in the ski’s construction that enhances energy transmission and reduces weight. This technology ensures a smooth and responsive ride, allowing skiers to maintain control at high speeds.

Whether you’re carving smooth turns on groomed runs or seeking out fresh powder, the ARMADA Declivity 88 C Alpine Skis Multicolor deliver top-notch performance and style for passionate alpine skiers.

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