Völkl Revolt 96 Alpine Skis – IHU948


Brand: Völkl
Color: Yellow


Völkl Revolt 96 Alpine Skis – IHU948

The VOLKL Revolt 96 Alpine Skis are a high-performance ski designed for alpine skiing enthusiasts. These skis feature a multicolor design that not only looks stylish on the slopes but also adds visibility and flare to your overall skiing experience.

With a waist width of 96mm, these skis offer excellent versatility and are suitable for all-mountain skiing. Whether you prefer carving on groomed trails or exploring off-piste terrain, the Revolt 96s are up to the task. The wider waist also provides enhanced stability, making them ideal for tackling variable snow conditions.

These skis are built with a full wood core, which provides a lively and responsive feel. The addition of carbon stringers adds extra reinforcement and energy transmission, ensuring strong power and precision with every turn. The tip and tail rocker profile further enhances maneuverability and floatation in softer snow, making them perfect for freeride skiing.

Featuring a multicolor graphic design, these skis catch attention and create a striking presence on the mountain. Not only do they perform exceptionally well, but they also look great while doing it. Whether you’re carving up the groomers or launching off jumps in the park, the VOLKL Revolt 96 Alpine Skis are bound to make a statement on the slopes.

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