Völkl Rentastick Youth Poles – CYV243


Brand: Völkl
Color: Black


Völkl Rentastick Youth Poles – CYV243

The VOLKL Rentastick Youth Poles Grey are a set of poles designed specifically for young skiers engaged in alpine skiing. These sleek and stylish grey poles have been crafted to provide optimal performance and durability on the slopes.

The youth-sized poles are made from high-quality aluminum material, ensuring they are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand the demands of rigorous skiing activities. With a comfortable grip and ergonomic design, these poles offer exceptional control and maneuverability for young skiers as they navigate various terrains.

The Rentastick Youth Poles feature an adjustable strap that can be easily fitted to the skier’s hand for added security and convenience. This strap allows users to maintain a secure grip on the poles, offering better stability and stability as they carve their way down the mountain.

The grey color of the poles adds a touch of style and sophistication to any skiing ensemble. The sleek design, combined with the classic VOLKL branding, makes them a popular choice among young skiers who prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced skier, the VOLKL Rentastick Youth Poles Grey are an excellent choice to enhance their skiing experience. With their reliable construction and advanced features, these poles will not only improve the young skier’s performance but also provide added safety and assurance on the slopes.

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