Völkl Flair+4.5 vMotion Girl Alpine Skis – GMY080


Brand: Völkl
Color: Clear


Völkl Flair+4.5 vMotion Girl Alpine Skis – GMY080

The VOLKL Flair+4.5 vMotion Girl Alpine Skis in White / Blue are high-performance skis specifically designed for girls who enjoy alpine skiing. These skis feature a sleek and stylish design with a predominantly white color scheme and vibrant blue accents.

The Flair+4.5 skis are built with precision and advanced technology to ensure optimal performance on the slopes. They have a lightweight construction that allows for effortless maneuverability, enhancing the skier’s overall control and agility. These skis are perfect for both beginner and intermediate skiers looking to improve their skills and confidence on the slopes.

The vMotion binding system is integrated into these skis, providing a secure and snug fit to the skier’s boots. This binding system is adjustable to accommodate various boot sizes, offering a personalized and comfortable fit for each skier. The vMotion binding also enhances power transmission from the skier to the skis, resulting in improved responsiveness and performance.

The Alpine skiing specific design of the VOLKL Flair+4.5 skis enables them to excel in various snowy conditions. They have a versatile carving profile that ensures stable turns and precise control, making them suitable for both groomed trails and off-piste adventures.

Overall, the VOLKL Flair+4.5 vMotion Girl Alpine Skis White / Blue are a fantastic choice for young female skiers who want to enjoy the thrill of alpine skiing with top-notch performance and style.

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