Nordica Santa Ana 93 Flat Alpine Skis – CVN677


Brand: Nordica
Color: Blue


Nordica Santa Ana 93 Flat Alpine Skis – CVN677

The NORDICA Santa Ana 93 Flat Alpine Skis in Blue / White are a high-performance ski designed for alpine skiing enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these skis offer an exceptional experience on the slopes.

The Santa Ana 93 skis feature a versatile 93mm waist width, which provides optimal flotation in powder while still maintaining excellent control and stability on hardpack and groomed trails. This makes them suitable for all-mountain skiing, allowing skiers to effortlessly transition between different types of terrain.

The skis are constructed with a lightweight wood core, which enhances maneuverability and responsiveness. Additionally, they are reinforced with carbon and titanal laminates for added strength and stability, ensuring a smooth and powerful ride.

The flat design of these skis allows for compatibility with a wide variety of bindings, offering skiers the flexibility to choose their preferred binding system.

The eye-catching blue and white color scheme adds a touch of style to these high-performance skis. Whether you’re tackling steep slopes, carving down groomed trails, or exploring off-piste terrain, the NORDICA Santa Ana 93 Flat Alpine Skis will deliver an exceptional performance, allowing you to conquer the mountain with confidence and style.

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