Lange Starlet 50 Kids Alpine Ski Boots – CEI607


Brand: Lange
Color: Pink


Lange Starlet 50 Kids Alpine Ski Boots – CEI607

The easy flexing boot for junior girl skiers, the Starlet 50 offers the perfect blend of comfort and performance for skiers ages 8 and under. The junior mono-injection shell, Control Fit liner, and simple three-buckle design address junior fit for lower leg lengths, smaller calves and foot shapes to deliver enhanced junior specific comfort, warmth and performance.


– The Fit of the boot (or last) is the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsal (widest part of the forefoot). It determines the level of control and precision of the skier. For a good ratio between comfort and control, choose a boot that matches the overall volume and length of your foot. Fit between 92-95 mm: Narrow, Fit between 97-99 mm: Medium, Fit between 100-102 mm: Comfort

– The “flex” of a boot indicates the level of support that boot will deliver. The greater (stiffer) the flex index, the more rigid and reactive the boot will be. The lesser (softer) the flex index, the more tolerant and comfortable

– Choose the boots which offers the best ratio between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we recommend a flexible flex (90).


– Shell Material: Polyolefin
– Shell Technology: Mono Injection
– Shell Bootboard: Plastic

– Cuff Material: Polyolefin

– Liner Type: Junior Liner
– Liner Tongue: Power Wedge

– Buckles Technology: Alu Jr

– Soles Specifications: Mono-Material Soles
– Weight: 867g


Anatomic Junior Fit:
– Lange´s Junior Fit Is Designed For Smaller Calves And Foot Shapes To Deliver Enhanced, Junior-Specific Comfort, Fit, And Performance.

Junior Gripwalko Compatible:
– Junior Gripwalk° Soles Feature A Thick Rubber Tread And Convex Toe Profile, Offering Increased Traction And More
Natural Foot Roll For Enhanced Easy Walking Comfort Integrated Stiff Pads Guarantee Optimized Integration In
Junior Gripwalk Compatible Bindings. Junior Gripwalk Kits Sold Separately.

Replaceable Soles:
– Replaceable Monomaterial Toe And Heels Can Be Updated When Worn For Longer Boot Life.

Aluminum Buckles:
– Aluminum Buckles Offer Increased Strength For Efficlent Closure And Increased Durability.

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