K2 Poacher+FDT 7.0 L Plate Youth Alpine Skis – HDH325


Brand: K2
Color: Clear


K2 Poacher+FDT 7.0 L Plate Youth Alpine Skis – HDH325

The K2 Poacher+FDT 7.0 L Plate Youth Alpine Skis are a high-performance and durable ski option for young alpine skiers. With a multicolor design, these skis stand out on the slopes and exude a vibrant and playful energy. Designed specifically for younger skiers, these skis boast all the necessary features to enhance their performance and progress their skills.

These skis are perfect for the aspiring young skier who wants to tackle the entire mountain. The Poacher+FDT 7.0 L Plate skis are built with a lightweight wood core, making them agile and responsive without sacrificing stability. This construction also promotes easy maneuverability and quick edge-to-edge transitions, which are essential for navigating moguls, trees, and varied terrain.

The skis’ all-terrain rocker profile further enhances their versatility. The slight rocker in the tips and tails offers exceptional floatation in soft snow and helps initiate turns effortlessly. Combined with traditional camber underfoot, these skis deliver solid edge grip and stability on hard-packed snow, allowing young skiers to confidently carve turns on groomed runs.

Equipped with an FDT 7.0 L Plate binding, these skis ensure optimal power transmission and energy transfer from skier to ski. The binding’s lightweight construction ensures reduced swing weight, enabling easier turns and tricks in the park or on natural features. Meanwhile, the L Plate design ensures added safety and protection for young skiers, providing increased lateral stability and reducing the risk of injury.

These skis feature a youth-specific flex pattern, offering a blend of forgiveness and responsiveness. This flex allows young skiers to progress their skills and build confidence as they explore more challenging terrain and develop their technique.

Overall, the K2 Poacher+FDT 7.0 L Plate Youth Alpine Skis Multicolor are a top choice for young skiers looking to advance their skills and explore the entire mountain. With their eye-catching design, lightweight construction, versatile rocker profile, and youth-specific features, these skis provide the perfect combination of performance and fun for the aspiring young alpine skier.

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